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DeMar DeRozan And Paul George Reminiscing About How LeBron Ran Both Them Out Of Their Cities In The Same Postseason Is Legendary

Talk about a juxtaposition. I just finished writing a blog about how Dwight Howard called out KD and a bunch of other NBA stars saying they need to join him in Taiwan. Besides Ben Simmons, who might want to invest in a Mandarin Rosetta Stone lesson or two, the rest of the guys on the list were an obvious troll job.

And then, way on the other side of the spectrum - about as far away from Taiwan is from LA - you have Paul George and DeMar DeRozan trading war stories about LeBron ending their tenures in different cities. With the matter-of-factness you might expect from someone speaking about a flat tire or a parking ticket, these dudes were chatting about LeBron running them out of the cities they each were the man in at one point.

DeRozan - That was it, that was like the end of my time in Toronto. That was it...I just remember him shooting that one-legged floater and it going in and I was just like shit, this is it here. This is it. That one haunts me for sure.

George - I think he put me away too man...That was what 2017? Yeah, yeah. See that was my last time in Indy. He got me up out of there too. They swept us, 4-0.

DeRozan - We was swept too!

First of all, what a ridiculous shot. No one on earth should ever shoot a basketball like that but especially not in the second round of the playoffs. He was crossed legged, floating behind the hoop, and shot that ball one handed off the glass. Just a stupid shot.

Also, we need to recognize these aren't just two bums commiserating over the fact a star player took them out the same season. Paul and DeMar were DOGS back then. DeMar averaged 27 ppg in one of the best seasons of his career and George averaged 24 ppg on 50% shooting from the field. These were two of the top 20 players in the league and LeBron just swept them out of the playoffs like the NBA community swept Dwight Howard into exile.

We all know how it eventually ended, however. Kevin Durant pulled one of the biggest bitch moves in sports history joining the Warriors and it derailed what was easily the best Cavs team and should have beed a mini-dynasty. That's why I take so much pleasure in Durant bouncing around the NBA like a ring-starved lost soul. This part of his career is as depressing as a chick who couldn't give up the club life and is now 38 and still bouncing from drug dealer to drug dealer trying to stay in the bottle service scene. 

Sure, KD might look good from afar but the second you get him close you can see the toll all years of desperation and being a ring slut have taken on him. He's got dudes making videos clowning him behind his back. And then you have LeBron, somehow still aging like a fine wine even though he's just a few short seasons away from playing with his freaking son in the NBA. Old flames reminiscing about how amazing he was and still is. It's good to be the king.