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Dwight Howard Trolled All The Star Players That Underperformed In The Playoffs By Recruiting Them To Join Him Playing In Taiwan, KD Has 24 Hours To Respond

We've heard plenty of stories over the years about why Dwight Howard was pretty much never liked as a teammate and doesn't currently have a job in the NBA. It's not like he doesn't have the talent to be a backup big man somewhere, Javale McGee played 42 games this season in Dallas for Christ's sake.

But for as much as it sounds like Dwight was probably the worst to be around, he still brings entertainment value from time to time. And even from 8,000 miles away, this my friends, is one of those times. 

You know damn well this video is getting passed around NBA circles and posted in group texts where everyone is dying laughing.  Well everyone except the nine guys he named.

Jordan Poole

Julius Randle

Ben Simmons

Klay Thompson

Deandere Ayton and CP3


And we also can't forget about the man who just finished his annual public postseason on-court enema, James Harden.

The guy I want to focus on here is Kevin Durant because you just know this pisses him off to no end. And you also know he is in the lab cooking up a response right now that will set the internet on fire. Other than a few RTs Durant hasn't tweeted since April 30th so I would imagine he's got some serious venom built up. 

After an embarrassing loss in the second round of the playoffs and your coach getting fired, you wake up to Dwight Howards big ass head recruiting you to a place most well known for making McDonalds toys? He is probably ready to explode. 

Easily Eliminated Sniper really has no one to blame but himself here. He shot 43% from the field in the Denver series and looked like a guy way closer to the glue factory than his glory days sticking to other super stars in order to win a ring. It was just a few short years ago people were asking if Durant was at LeBron's level and now that question seems absolutely absurd.

You don't see LeBron getting trolled by an NBA reject who is the face of a league that has six teams and makes headlines for brawls more than basketball. 

Here's hoping KD has a better answer for Dwight than he did for KCP and Aaron Gordon.