Even If Tim Anderson Hates Playing For The White Sox, Nobody Should Blame Him

One of the shitty parts about the White Sox being one of the worst teams in baseball is that they do a lot of dumb shit. This is one of those instances. Not saying TA shouldn't hate playing for the Sox; he absolutely should. This org completely STINKS out loud. I'd hate playing for the Sox too, and if I were a guy like Tim, Giolito, or any other established piece, I'd be counting down the days until the trade deadline. Each night when I'd be ready to fall into sweet, sweet unconsciousness, I'd be staring at the ceiling pulling a meesta meesta lady from Happy Gilmore: 

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But If he's gonna (rightfully) shit talk his team he's gotta be smarter than this and put his hand over his mouth so internet perverts don't read his lips and freak the fuck out about what he said, even if it's the god's honest truth. If he didn't say it? If he said, "I hate the pitch clock?" or "I should be on second" like others, including Tim himself, are saying? 

Ya gotta put your hands over your mouth, Tim. 

PSYCHE! Keep doing you, TA. Fuck'm all. If I were Tim I wouldn't do another interview until I was dealt after watching the internet freak out and dissect his convo with Abreu. I wouldn't blame him if he hated playing in this awful organization. Nobody should. This team blows and it's embarrassing what has come of the organization as a whole. Like I said, TA, Giolito, just about every reliever and even someone like Clevenger should be praying they're employed by someone else come trade deadline. I would be and you would be too. 


Sell the fucking team

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