Lindsay Lohan And Jamie Lee Curtis Are Remaking Freaky Friday (Which Is Already A Remake)

Disney is going back to the world of Freaky Friday. A sequel is in the works to the 2003 body-swap comedy that starred Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Lohan and Curtis are expected to reprise their roles as a mother and daughter who wake up one Friday and find they have swapped bodies. Elyse Hollander is penning the script to the sequel.

Freaky Friday was based on Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel, and grossed $160 million globally. Directed by Mark Waters from a script by Heather Hach and Leslie, Dixon has remained a cultural touchstone, with Curtis referencing it during public appearances over the years. It has become synonymous with the body-swap genre, spawning homages such as the Blumhouse horror film Freaky.

First thought - I loved this movie, I love these people, I'm excited for the remake. Second thought - wasn't Freaky Friday...ALREADY a remake from the 1976 original?

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Interesting! So, not only are we not thinking of original movie ideas, we're remaking REMAKES! 

Do I think this will be good? Yes. For those who have been asking "where has Lindsay Lohan been," you've been under a rock. She put out a banger Christmas movie on Netflix this past winter.

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She's all the way back. She's having a baby, Jamie Lee just won a fucking Oscar - I have a feeling this new Freaky Friday is going to be better than all of the others. What will we get? Geriatric Jamie switching places with "Mom" Lindsay? That feels like it'd be a barrel of laughs. Lots of "getting old" jokes, maybe even a heartwarming "now that I'm in your shoes AGAIN mom, I understand you always mean the best for me <3" etc etc. smash hit. < p>


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