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Charles Barkley Boom Roasted The City Of Boston Into Bolivian After Last Night's Celtics Loss

The Boston Celtics got their nuts spanked off last night in game 5 by the Sixers. Considering the post game blogs from Greenie and Trig, and the overall demeanor of Hank, it's safe to assume that Boston fans were feeling a little down in the dumps after the loss. 

Charles Barkley is a fun loving man. He doesn't want to see anyone feeling down. He's always going to be there to remind you of all the things in life you have to be excited about. Did the Celtics lose in horrifically embarrassing fashion last night? They sure did. But the Boston Bruins were the greatest regular season team in NHL history this year. They literally set records. Clearly they must still be playing, right?

Oh. Shoot. Whoops! Chuck must have forgotten that the Bruins blew a 3-1 series lead to the Florida Panthers, blew a 1-goal lead in the final minute of regulation in game 7, and went on to get bounced from the playoffs in overtime. Honest mistake from Sir Charles! 

There's nothing better than a good ol' fashion boom roast. Just yanking some chains and pulling some legs. Some classic razzing, if you will. If you're going to be hanging around Chuck, you better have some thick skin. Luckily for the city of Boston, it's not like their fans have been spoiled by decades of winning championships or anything. I'm sure they'll be able to take it all in stride. 

1 more win, baby. Get it done on Thursday night. It's important in today's economy to save the gas money on another trip back to Boston.