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Sixers Spank The Nuts Off Of Boston To Take A 3-2 Series Lead Back To Philly

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

Boston may have made it look a little closer than the game actually was at the end there, but make no mistake about it. That was a complete and total out-classing from the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers men's professional basketball team. Just an all-out dick kicking in every sense of the word. 

What a night for this team, and what a moment for this franchise. First off, we needed to have a huge Maxey game at some point. We already had two James Harden games so far this series. You know that Joel is always going to get his points. But you needed a game where Maxey could really leave a mark in this series, and holy hell did we get it tonight. 

30 out of Maxey. 33 from Embiid. A solid 16 from Tobias. And a huuuuuuge 10 out of Danuel House Jr. Ten goddamn points out of House. Where the hell did that come from?

The role players did their thing and the Sixers have 10 gallons worth of juice heading into game 6 in Philly. A chance to close out the series at home and get past the 2nd round for the first time since 2001. Something about this team is different. Every time you think to yourself "same old Sixers", this team comes out and responds. 

1 more win and then it's on to the next. Wells Fargo Center is about to be a zoo on Thursday night. Let's do the right thing here and let everybody enjoy their Mothers Day on Sunday. Close this bitch out in 6. 

Sidenote: At least Boston fans got to beat traffic tonight by getting out of the stadium early. Always important to take away the little victories in life.