Nikola Jokic Is One Of The Most Unlikeable Players In The NBA

First off, this has nothing to do with Jokic's basketball skills. I understand he is very good. But when you are this big old bag of milk and flopping like this, it's just corny to me. Can you imagine if Shaq did this? I just don't get the allure of Jokic and everyone sucks him off because when I watch these Nuggets games, he is annoying as shit to me. You can't be flopping when you get pushed by a stick figure like Kevin Durant or going after an NBA owner like half your size.

I think everything Jokic does on the court is corny. I'll admit that I am writing this while watching him interview with the TNT crew and I like him a lot more.

I guess if I heard him talk, my view on him would be better. But I am sticking to my take when it comes to on the court and Jokic is not a guy I want to watch all the time. Give me Durant, LeBron, Curry, and not this big bag of milk. 

The only reason people get wowed is because he is such a big bastard that can drop 50 in a night. When you are that big, people get excited when you can move a little bit and shoot threes. The Lakers will absolutely whip the Nuggets ass if that is the series because Anthony Davis will shut Jokic down like it's the easiest thing in the world. At this point I can back down Ayton, so I am not impressed with Jokic's performance this series.