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The Hero Who Saved The Baby From Rolling Into Traffic Has Been Homeless For 8 Years And Was On His Way Back From a Job Interview At Applebees


ICYMI, a wild video surfaced earlier this week where a woman got knocked down by the wind as her baby rolled into traffic. Then a man, possibly Superman, sprung into action and saved the baby from being a bug on a windshield. 

More details have now come out about him, and what a story it is:


Daily Mail - A Good Samaritan who rescued a baby boy in a stroller from rolling into speeding traffic has spoken out - revealing that he had just finished a job interview when he made the heart-stopping save. 

Ron Nessman had previously been homeless for eight years, and had just interviewed at a nearby Applebee's restaurant in Hesperia, California, when he saw the stroller rolling directly toward the main road. 

Nessman had been sitting on the bench of a nearby carwash when he saw the baby propelling towards the four-lane Bear Valley Road, pushed by strong winds blowing through the high desert.

'I didn't have time to even think about it. You just react,' he told KCAL News.

'I seen her and I felt so bad for the lady,' he told the outlet. 'I got nephews and nieces and I couldn't imagine something like that.


Give it up for Ron Nessman! Right place, right time, and now a hero that walks amongst us. I'm a little high right now, not gonna lie, but it got me thinking about how every single person you pass on the street has their own unique life story. We never hear about 99.999% of stories, but every human on Earth has taken a path to get where they are now. This man was homeless and unemployed for 8 years after his girlfriend passed away, and then he sat on the right bench and the right time to save that child.


Nessman, a former truck driver, lost his girlfriend in 2018. The tragedy sent him spiraling into depression, and he was homeless for eight years. 

'My girlfriend passed away in 2018,' he said. 'It was sudden and I didn't want to do anything.'


It's incredible right? What if he took a left out of the Applebee's instead of a right? What if he sat down and ordered a burger with fries and a Diet Coke and wasn't there at all? But none of that happened. It's truly fascinating to me.

Hopefully he gets the gig at Applebees. I know a badass like him can make a delicious big blue drink thing they have there. And don't sleep on Applebee's burgers, shit is delicious. 

But back to Ron. Depression is no joke. I'm glad he's getting back on his feet and he's already made a huge, lasting impact on the world. Way to go, my friend.