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This Woman Gets Absolutely Dominated By The Wind As Her Baby Rolls Into Oncoming Traffic


Hahahaha DUDE WHAT? Isn't fight or flight a thing where you can lift a steam engine or kill a lion? And this woman was about to let her baby roll straight into traffic because of the wind?! Maybe she was kinda over the baby and thought this was her get out of jail free card until that man swooped in and saved the damn thing. To be honest, I think that man is the baby's new legal guardian. If the mother gets so dominated by wind, what's next? The sun? The fucking sun? 

Credit to that man for his heads up play. Big time players make big time plays in big time situations. Dad instincts on a million billion trillion. Reminds me of this video which freaks me the fuck out every time. I haven't a clue if it's real or not but this guy should be given a medal of honor