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Memo to Steve Cohen: STOP THE LEAK!

Rich Pilling. Getty Images.

As I write this the Mets are down 2-0 to the lowly Tigers. Frank is losing his marbles in the gambling cave, the office is dealing with the screaming, and the #FrankWasRight crew is smirking and laughing (along with Scott Van Pelt and Buster Olney if you haven't heard). I'm not one of the doom and gloom Mets fans, but it's very fair to say, and doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize … there is clearly something wrong with The New York Mets. 

I'm not going to exaggerrate and say someone is 0 for their last 94, or that this team will be shut out for 40 straight games but rathe give you some facts. The team is hitting mediocre at best. 

The .241 team batting average is 18th in the MLB, 4.55 runs per game is 12th, 7.94 hits per game is 21st, and they are 30th with 4 runners left in scoring position per game. 17th in Home Runs and 19th in doubles as well. 

The offense lacks pop. Now you may say "Ok well, the pitching is elite right, things will be ok, right? "


Things are bad. It doesn't help when your prized pitching acquistion, Verlander didn't play the entire first month of the season, or that your other ace, Scherzer got suspended for 10 games. It also doesn't help that Edwin Diaz is out for the year. The really tough part is this team had such high expectations for a World Series and there's a lot of baseball to be played. But the ship is has a hole that needs to be fixed. I'm not saying the ship is sinking fast, but I'll tell you what if you don't fix this hole … it will. 

The great thing about Steve Cohen is that he's a fan through and through. He wants to bring a championship to Queens so bad. Everyone knows it. It's a benefit to our franchise. He will spend and spend and spend and spend to get us a ring. Which is why I must say… even more so as a fan instead of an owner, Steve Cohen needs to tell GM Billy Eppler to start making moves. Get a bat in this lineup. Get a pitcher. FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT. 

The real worry here is this team's window of winning is slipping through our fingers. The Braves are loaded, The Phillies made the World Series, and the NL still has powers like The Dodgers, Padres and Pirates (half kidding). It's difficult to win in the NL, and it's really difficult to win in the NL East. Our pitching is old, our lineup isn't great, and the teams around us are getting better. 

It's time to act now before it's too late. You do not want to be the team at the deadline 7-8 games out and DESPERATE to make a move. Admit you have a problem now, and start trying to fix it. This team had too high a ceiling to watch it waste away. 


WE BEG YOU!!!!!!