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You Have To Appreciate Kendall Jenner's Style Of Fashion

I admit I have no right to be blogging anything on fashion. My idea of a decent outfit out is a henley and decent joggers. Far too many of my socks have holes in them. I've just accepted at this point in life there's no point in dressing up and pretending to be something you're not. Just be the loser that you are and coast to the end without embarrassing yourself too much. 

Now while I myself am a hopeless case, I do know when to respect another's craft. Kendall Jenner's performance these last few days in NYC has been…noticeable. Last night she of course did her thing at the Met Gala, hosted by none other than the great Roger Federer. 

Sorry, had to acknowledge the king. I know you came for Kendall, so here you go. 

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin. Getty Images.

Can you imagine having the balls to wear something like that out where millions of people are going to see? I'm not attempting to paint Kendall Jenner as a hero by any means, but that's a fucking outfit. I get that everyone is obsessed with Sweeney, but if she won Kendall was a close second. 

Then you've got her after-party attire. Glad she chose to tone it down a bit. What even is this? 

And this is from over the weekend so going for a stroll at night for good measure. 

Gotham. Getty Images.

Heavens to Betsy. While I'm sure Devin Booker is doing just fine in the lady department, you gotta think there's some second-guessing on his part. Now he has to deal with Chris Paul being a zero in the playoffs AND no Kendall Jenner to come home to.