All Of The Weirdos Were Extremely Tame At The Met Gala Last Night

As far as "weird" goes at the Met Gala, last night's events were extremely tame. With the theme being "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty," a tribute for a man who loved a lot of black and white and basically wore a tuxedo everyday, we found ourselves with a night of mostly "cool" looks, and some borderline boring (but all very chic). 

Of course, with the exception of Jared Leto (above) who showed up in a full Cat costume, honoring Karl's very famous cat, Choupette. We also had Doja...Cat dress up as a much more "chic" Choupette, even if she refused to do anything but meow on the carpet:

Before I continue, I urge you to take a refresher on the WHOLE POINT of the Met Gala with this blog I wrote a few years ago explaining it. Return with an open mind, and I'll share some of the best and worst dressed from last night.

I know how to rope you guys in! Look! It's SYDNEY SWEENEY!!! And her big ol' boobs!! She really does look fantastic. Her face and hair alone are out of this world. Dress was really pretty, not my fav overall at ALL, but great look.

BOOOOO OMG HORRIFIC!!!!! What the fuck happened here? My guess is that she wanted to look Chanel Bride and came out Prom Barbie instead? And Patrick's just…really I can't find a single good thing to say about his outfit. God, spend a little of the Superbowl money on a real stylist next time, guys. 

Omg AHHH WHATS THIS?! A certified Fashion Faux Pas! Olivia Wilde and Margaret Zheng (EIC of Vogue China) both have dresses inspired by the same dress, "The Violin Dress." 

Yikes. I feel like Olivia's is more like the original in shape, but Margaret's got the color right…THE HORROR!!! WHAT WILL THE FASHION GODS SAY ABOUT THIS?

Ooooooo good thing Usher is there because Pedro's got the whole crowd singin' HEY HEY, HEY DADDYYYYY lmaooooo. Damn this guy is cool. Great look, TOTALLY on theme, has a great attitude - we love to see it. 

Here are a few I think are DROP DEAD PERFECTION (especially Diddy OMFG):

And a few that I think really missed the mark in one way or another (I'm sad to include Florence Pugh in this, but it must be done):

Overall though, I think this was a pretty successful year. Cool looks, minimal room to move "out of the box" for all the haters who want to shit all over the usual loudness of the event. I personally can't wait to see the exhibit and EVEN MORESO, I can't wait to hear all of the stories that come out of the after parties.