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I’m Sick Of All The Whiny Babies Who Don’t Understand The Point Of The Met Gala

Last night was the Met Gala, aka The Met Ball. It's hosted by fashion queen Anna Wintour, (most famously the Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine, also the inspiration for Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada) who is also involved heavily with The Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York. That's where this event is hosted every year, and normally it falls on the First Monday in May. This year it was in September because May 2020 and May 2021 were out of the question because of COVID.

The fact I have to lay all that out? Annoying. I also found out not everyone knows who Anna Wintour is? Disrespectful. Google her. Anyway....

First thing's first - the Met Gala/Ball is a charity event. The proceeds go to the costume institute of the museum - the only wing of the place that needs to fund itself. Because of this, and because of Anna's involvement/relationship with big name celebrities, they host this event to keep the money coming in, supporting the arts. Celebrities don't often pay for the the ~$30,000 dollar tickets, they are normally funded by whatever designer or jeweler picks them to represent their brand. 

Onto the outfits - every year is themed, and however the designers interpret that theme, is what we see these celebrities wearing. This year it was "In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion." Most times the celeb will work WITH the designers involved to create the looks they wear, but outside of the models/fashion people, the celebs generally don't have a say in what they're wearing. So, for everyone being like WHY WOULD YOU WEAR THAT, blame the designers, not the celebs who are wearing them.

Now that we have the facts out of the way - I'm SICK of the responses that look like this:

UGHHHHHHHHH KILL ME. I get it. The outfits look crazy. You would never find them at Zara or H&M or the bargain bin at Express. The MAJOR POINT PEOPLE ARE MISSING, is that this is an art exhibit. It's a moving, living, breathing art exhibit filled with famous people you SIMPLETONS might recognize from the TV you watch from your crusty ass couch, with the sole purpose of bringing people to the Met to look at the costume exhibit. It's ONE GIANT advertisement for The Met. And every year, it gets your attention! Art is subjective. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I understand all of the looks, or even LIKE all of the looks. But I do have the capability of respecting the time it takes to make something outrageous like Dan Levy's outfit, or one like Iman's:

Or even whatever the fuck message Kim and Balenciaga are trying to send!

They're supposed to make a splash. They're supposed to turn heads. They're supposed to stop you in your tracks and make your brain start moving. Are you all SO AFRAID of using your brains to think about anything other than food, sports and sex that you can't even take a moment to consider there are people in this world who see "fashion" as an opportunity to put the most creative parts of themselves, into practice? Imagine being a designer who has the opportunity to showcase their look at The Met. This event has quite literally catapulted designers into stardom. You get the opportunity to dress someone, maybe the hottest celeb of the moment, and your design gets to be photographed a TRILLION times. You can't ask for better press. This event is for them, and all of the future designers we may one day see on the carpet or even in the museum.

When a look REALLY flops according to the general public? Yea, it sucks. But, if you look through interviews or reviews on these art pieces (!) from ARTISTS or DESIGNERS, they at least get the respect they deserve. 

The bottom line is, JUST LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE. Have some fun! Let your freak flag fly! Make up your own interpretations for these looks! You don't have to run around stomping all over people's creativity just because your version of "good" is a plain black t-shirt, medium-wash jeans and some variation of Jordans. Spare me.