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Knicks Fans Everywhere Officially Rebuke Frank The Tank From Trying To Become A Bandwagon Knicks Fan After That Disaster

This isn't a bandwagon blog. Oh no. It's way worse than that. Teams have bandwagon fans at every single level. This is Frank the Tank, the ultimate mush. The ultimate pessimist. The ultimate I don't want him near my teams guy announcing, right before game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, that he's switching his NBA fandom to the Knicks.

I speak on behalf of all Knicks fans when I say. No. We reject the offer. Go back to being a Nets fan. Choose any other team. You're not allowed to be a Knicks fan, because this is what happens: 

It wasn't even Julius Randle being out with an injury. It wasn't even the ridiculously awful shooting. It was the fact, Thibs and the Knicks went back to dumbass basketball. Jimmy Butler hurt his ankle with 5 minutes to go in a close game. I mean the man couldn't even move. 

Instead of, you know, attacking the guy who legit couldn't move and was just standing there, they decided to try to either do nothing (dumb) or set screens (incredibly dumb) so the Heat could just switch. Then we got the full RJ experience where he was complete shit during that stretch. Turnovers, illegal screens, just refusing to attack Jimmy Butler and make a play. It was infuriating. 

Yes, it's just 1 game. Yes there was no Randle. Yes the shooting was complete shit. But, this is a problem. We have a Frank the Tank problem. I rebuke it. Knicks fans everywhere rebuke it. Go back to the Nets. 

PS: Thibs, figure it the fuck out for game 2. Knicks players, stop shooting like shit.