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Jim Irsay Goes Full Jim Irsay and Asks Twitter If The Colts Should Go 'Montana-Young' and Draft Will Levis in the 2nd Round


As a Colts fan, I'm going to treat this tweet as if it's directed to me (which it literally is).

Mr. Irsay

My name is John Rich, and I am a Colts fan. I saw your tweet. First off, great use of emojis, I love the footballs. Secondly, no thank you!

We're fine over here Mr. Irsay! Please proceed with your regularly scheduled wide receiver or cornerback. Or maybe an offensive lineman. Could even be a defensive lineman. Linebackers and tight end are dope as well. Also safeties (i.e. free, strong). But we're all set on quarterbacks, sir. I appreciate you running it by us first. I respect how you make important football decisions live on Twitter, but us Colts fans are not interested in going 'Montana - Young for Franchise'.

He was doing so well, too. He drafted the fun athletic quarterback. Colts fans seem happy with the pick overall. Anthony Richardson has already told us that he's going to be a Hall of Famer. Why can't that be enough?

Also, drafting back to back quarterbacks in the 1st & 2nd round isn't really going "Montana - Young for Franchise" (whatever the hell that means). Steve Young was drafted 8 years after Joe Montana. If the Colts make this move, it wouldn't be going 'Montana - Young' it would just be going 'Jim Irsay'.

I would love to be a fly on the wall of the Colts draft room when this tweet drops. I would wager a guess that Irsay didn't run this tweet by anyone else. I imagine the front office sitting around a table, bouncing ideas off each other, trying to make sure everyone is on the same page. They debate between drafting a wide receiver or a tight end, everybody is throwing around ideas, then all of the sudden someone check their phone. They see the tweet, then look down at the other end of the table and see Jim Irsay in his reading glasses scrolling Twitter on size 1000 font.

It must be a wild ride working for Irsay. I feel like he lets his front office do their job for the most part. But you never know when he's going to come over the top with a decision that negates all of the work you've been doing for the past month. At any point the Colts front office is liable to have the rug pulled out from under them, and have to take the franchise in an entirely new direction because Jim Irsay took a couple extra vicodin that morning before his afternoon Twitter scroll.

Now if they have some sort of plan together. Like maybe a trading partner who they can draft and trade Levis with, then I'm on-board with that. But if he's using the Montana - Young example, that implies he wants to keep both of them on the team.

I love Jim Irsay so much. I don't love this tweet, or this idea. But I love that as a Colts fan we live in a world where anything can happen at any moment. At any point, we're a stiff breeze away from Jim Irsay changing the course of the franchise forever. I love an owner that keeps me on my toes. Long live Jim Irsay.

But again. No. We are not interested in Will Levis. Don't do it Jim. 

(But also if you do... that would be pretty funny.. like really funny. Maybe do it)