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Hey ESPN, Nobody Cares That Will Levis Is Still On The Board, Sitting In The Green Room Waiting To Get Drafted. Show More Of His Sister Kelley Please

Last night was the first night of the 2023 NFL Draft live from Jackson Mahomes land. 

In classic ESPN fashion, they jumped all over the opportunity to use somebody else's misfortune for drama, and ratings, in the form of extremely overhyped Will Levis from Kentucky.

The human rain delay took it and ran with it

And yes, although everybody might be talking about Levis' girlfriend who couldn't get enough facetime last night while her man awkwardly squirmed, I'm here to talk about the real star of the Levis family- younger sister Kelley.

Kelley is a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, according to her Instagram — which states in her bio that she is based in the family’s native Connecticut and Wisconsin.

So ESPN, this is your official notice for tonight. Less Will, more Kelley. Thank you.