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Introducing And Handicapping The RnR 21 Ring Girl Field

Rough N' Rowdy 21 is ALMOST HERE. t will air Friday May 12th from West Virginia. We've got 20 fights including a Shizzat vs Ninja loser retires main event, 2 title belt brawls, local rednecks feuding, dwarfs fighting, electric commentary, and of course the ring girl contest. America's finest tradition. 

We've got ons of prizes up for grabs. 

1st Place Prize: $3,000
2nd Place Prize: $1,500
3rd Place Prize: $500
4th Place Prize: $500
5th Place Prize: $500

Best Costume - $500
Best Dancer - $500
Online Vote Winner - $500

I'll get into the field below and see who some of the contenders are for those prizes. 

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Jessi Lynne

The defending champion. She will try to make it back to back titles with the ring girl crown. A rare feat that is very hard to pull off. You rarely see a repeat champion in pro sports. And the ring girl contest is no different. Could we see a championship hangover? Tune in to find out. 

Feral Carol

Can we see her face? No. Does it not matter? Also no. She will be a contender. 

Sandy Cheeks

You may recognize Sandy as she's got a familiar face and cheeks. This will be her third time as a ring girl. 

Madi Bath

Madi Bath returns to the ring! An OG ring girl who has been on a long hiatus. We'll see if she's rusty in her return or will pick right up where she left off. 

Mixed Girl Magic

Mixed Girl Magic is just an all time ring girl name. Putting her in the running for that alone. 

Jessica Cho

No ring girl experience but she's international. She lists her experience as "FHM South Africa Cover Model, Playboy Denmark Playmate."


A familiar ring girl face with plenty of experience. She is always a contender and should be in the running again this time. 


I'm currently doing laundry right now as I write this blog. Could be a sign. Of what? I'm not sure. 


A ring girl veteran. This will be her fourth RnR ring girl appearance. Usually a crowd favorite. 

Your Dad Is My Cardio

Another familiar face but I believe this is her first time going under this new ring girl name. And my God what a name. It likely implies that she's having sexual intercourse with your father as part of her workout routine. 

Victoria Gabrielle

I wonder if this was for her family Christmas card


A pro wrestler and gamer girl with 161,000 Instagram followers. Should definitely help her in the online vote contest. 

Everly Grey

Another very experienced ring girl. She is clearly a religious woman as evidenced by the Garden of Eden themed photoshoot. 

Baby Machete

You just can't go wrong with a ring girl nickname like Baby Machete. It's perfect. 

Double Dee

The jello wrestling champ from RnR 17. An honor you can never take away from her. Tombstone material. 

Sexy Lexy

God Bless America

Crystal Meth

I say this every time but she is just simply not what I would expect a girl who nicknamed herself "Crystal Meth" to look like. 


An appropriate nickname. You have to back it up if you call yourself "Asszilla." She certainly does. 


She is currently a Playboy Bunny. You know RnR has made it big time when we've got Playboy Bunnies being ring girls. 

Chevy Girl

She should have the foot fetish community on her side given the tattoos. 

Tiny Texie

You knew she'd be on the list eventually. It's not a Rough N' Rowdy without Tiny Texie. 


This appears to be her first RnR. A word of advice I'd give her is to go with a name that rolls off the tongue a bit better. 

Need to get her a Brick on that wrist instead. 

Joey Monroe

A new face but she's got Toughman experience. I can see her being a dark horse contender. 


Another new face but possible contender to round out our stacked field. 

Should be a fierce competition and I'm excited to see who can bring the prizes home.