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Oakland Athletics Fans Are Planning A "Reverse Boycott" Night Where They Pack The Coliseum To Show That The Fans Aren't The Problem

Have to pull out all the stops if you're a die-hard Oakland A's fan. Team is bad, almost certain that they're going to ship off to Vegas soon, can't hold anything back. That is why I love these loyal fans in Oakland pulling the reverse card on their front office. To show MLB and the surrounding powers that the fans in the Bay Area could and would support a team if they wanted to, the fans are planning to host a reverse boycott on June 13th to show that if they put a good product on they field they would get the proper fan support. 

It's not the worst idea, I'm sure the A's suits will love it because....well money. They'd love a random where they have over 9K in the park. Stu Clary is a 60-year-old diehard who won't let the A's get to Vegas without a fight. He's organizing the whole thing as one last saving grace to try and get his team to stay. 

Clary wanted to show the team and baseball that the fans will come if they put half an effort into building the team up instead of trading away anyone with a pulse and an ounce of potential. They are tired of seeing guys like Josh Donaldson, Jesús Luzardo, Matt Olson, Sean Doolittle, Sonny Gray, Matt Chapman, Sean Manaea, Sean Murphy and Chris Bassitt moved for NOTHING. And it's not like we haven't seen the A's have success, in 2018 and 2019 they won 97 games each year. 2021 they won 86! So they have had the regular season success, their fans are just fed up with them shipping away every player who has success. They are tired of being the farm system for other teams, and I don't blame them. 

Now we wait to see if this reverse boycott night, I know it's going to be a great time in those stands. I see it being like a block party in those right field bleachers. I hope this works and we get 40,000 in green and yellow to show their owners that they mean business, will make for some incredible visuals. If you're in the Bay Area you better be there on June 13th!