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Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Correctly Bully And Mock Opposing Goalie For Being A Soft Ass Who Flops Everywhere

So here's the play in question: 

SOFFFFTTTTTTT. That's not a red. It's just not. It's not intentional, it's not aggressive. It's a foul, play on, stop being soft. Now that said, I love Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds immediately firing back on this no-name goalie for being a flopper. We need more owners across all of sports to directly call people out. Also this Laurie Walker fella is a grade a loser with some of these tweets

I mean, Mac is right. Great reference to the own goal - that's called learning the sport and embracing it. Dude just told on himself for being a great actor. He deleted his tweet asking Ryan Reynolds if he liked his acting skills. That should be open and shut case when it comes to appealing the red card and everything. Just be like 'yeah this moron admitted he flopped, deleted it and then tried defending it. That's uh, all I have.' 

Remember Wrexham is fighting for auto-promotion. They have a 1 point lead (and 1 match in hand) over Notts County. The 0-0 tie isn't necessarily a dagger. They have 3 matches left, if Notts wins its last two they'll finish with 109 points, Wrexham currently at 104. So win 2 of 3 and you're promoted. 

But this is what I want from my owners. I want every owner of all my teams to start calling out bullshit. Except James Dolan. I don't trust that gnome to do anything right and the Knicks are just fine with him staying out of it. But everyone else? Let's mix it up a little.