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Kyle Brandt Crushes Mayo-Infused Coffee And Embodies All Of Will Levis' Strangeness In Delightful Mock Draft Interview

NFL Network's Kyle Brandt is a guy who will fully commit to the bit. Yes, that includes pretending to be Will Levis in a hypothetical interview with an NFL team, squeezing assloads of mayo into his coffee, pounding it, AND eating a banana with the peel still on for good measure.

To be able to carry oneself through this takes a mental constitution with which I am not familiar. I can’t even imagine putting mayo in a cup of java and drinking it in. I’d be puking my guts out on the spot, or shitting my brains out approximately 45 minutes after the fact.

BUT THEN, to keep this interview going and champ that banana with the peel down the hatch? Holy shit. I know he’s getting paid handsomely to cohost Good Morning Football. Still, that is beyond admirable.

Billy Football did a fine job covering some of Will Levis' weirdness a while back:

And apparently last week, Chaps was just discovering Levis' penchant for mayo coffee:

To see it personified by Brandt in sketch comedic form takes it all to another level, though.

I’m not sure Brandt should’ve given up on his acting career. Dude is a beast. He came roaring out of the gates with a massive role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. People give soap operas shit, but with such a tight production turnaround, the demanding hours that result and the myriad of lines you have to learn — not to mention the acting you have to attempt to pull off competently with rapid-fire-written scripts — it’s as effective of a training ground and gauntlet as the theatre. OK maybe not quite that sophisticated but you know what I’m getting at. Brandt crushed it on the soap, and fucked around and decided to have an uber-successful career in sports instead.

I think maybe Brandt has a little bit of the Levis weirdness within him as well to go this hard for the sake of comedy. Even when his bits aren't working for the vast majority of the room, I still find them hilarious. Such as here:

Awesome reference to Good Will Hunting as well in this Levis sketch. Shoutout to the latest Affleck-Damon movie Air. It was really, really good.

To cut back to Levis, I have designs on a blog a little closer to draft day that will point out how eerily similar he is as a prospect to Justin Herbert. Not going to spoil all that just yet, but suffice it to say, the parallels are very real from their physical tools to many of the pre-draft criticisms. We've obviously seen how well Herbert has panned out in the NFL. It's a lot to expect Levis to come anywhere close to Herbert's ceiling, yet the signs are there. I'm telling you!

Cheah's latest mock draft has his beloved Bucs nabbing Levis with the 19th overall pick; I have Levis going 23rd to the Vikings so they can raise their ceiling at the most important position and ultimately upgrade from Kirk Cousins. Plus, Levis played in an offense very reminiscent to what Minnesota coach Kevin O'Connell runs. Very logical fit there.

Levis is such a polarizing prospect. I don't think i'm on Chaps' side in terms of letting Levis go undrafted, as he's 22nd on my big board. I will say, the mayo coffee debacle has me questioning his judgment.

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