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The First Trailer For True Detective Season 4 Dropped And It Is DARK (Literally)

The season is set in Alaska, and follows detectives Liz Danvers (Foster) and Evangeline Navarro as they investigate the disappearance of six men from a research station

True Detective has had a pretty interesting arc. The first season was one of the best single seasons of TV ever and was about as must-watch as could be. The second season, however, was just about the biggest pile of miscast dogshit I've ever watched in my life. With the exception of this scene, of course. 

Then season 3 turned righted the ship to a good degree. It was nowhere close to season 1's quality but it was a step in the right direction for ole Nikky Pizzolatto. There are 2 things about this new season that are really interesting to me. 

1. Jodie Foster. She played arguably the most iconic female true crime character ever in Clarice Starling. Seeing her back in the saddle gets the blood flowing without a doubt. 

2. The setting. The far north is basically the modern version of the old frontier. That level of isolation in the snow is why i feel so many movies in that setting (Wind River, The Thing, Winter's Bone, Misery, The Shining) are easy to get into. 

Do either of those things guarantee a passable season, let alone one better than S3? Not really. There are some new brains involved that do help the hype though. Chris Mundy(Showrunner of Ozark, EP on Bloodline and criminal minds), Barry Jenkins(Director of Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk) are on as producers which is cool, although that doesn't mean they were heavily involved. Issa López is the showrunner and I'll admit I'm not familiar with her. The last movie she was a screenwriter/director on, the horror movie 'Tigers Are Not Afraid', has rave reviews though.