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If You Eat This Cadbury Cream Egg Sandwich From Subway You Need To Be Put On A Watchlist

NY Post - If you’ve ever wanted to take your love for Cadbury Creme Eggs to the next level, now’s your chance.

Subway, the sandwich empire, is joining with them to launch a new — if perhaps strange-sounding — creation just in time for Easter.

The 6-inch sandwich, available in the UK on Good Friday, is made on the chain’s Italian white bread and has a chocolate creme egg melted in the middle of it.

Some haters have already weighed in that it is “absolutely disgusting” or rejected it with a firm plain, “No!” while another naysayer offered a gentler appraisal: “I appreciate the creativity, but I don’t think I’ll be in line for this one.”

Only 500 of the special sandwiches will be made, and they will be available — for free, by the way — at just a few select Subway locations in England at Tottenham Court Road, central London and Central Shopping Centre, Liverpool.

I don't food shame anymore because I recently reflected back to when I was dirt fucking poor, in college and the period right after, and my diet consisted of McDonald's dollar menu items, pasta and olive oil, and leftover salad and finger sandwiches they'd throw in the lunch room at the law firm for us slaves to fight over after partner's luncheons. 

That said, I see Subway as a means to an end for some people. Sometimes you only have $5 to scrape together and your options are limited. Sometimes you live in a food desert and they're literally the only option. That said, no offense, but if you go out of your way to eat at Subway, by choice, you have trash taste. No offense. I don't care that they pay TB12 and Gronk assloads of money to pretend they eat there. Or that they somehow, someway, convinced BB to sign on for his first endorsement ever

it's an insult to submarine sandwiches. 

And now this?

Speaking of trash taste, I have a confession to make. I fucking love Cadbury cream eggs. 

I don't know why people are so disgusted by them and I am forced to live in shame for loving them, but I do. And I'm not afraid to admit it anymore. If you let them sit in the refrigerator and get nice and cold, they are fire. One of the best Easter candies out there. 

But even as avid a fan of them that I am,  I can't get on board with this abomination. 

Those heated-up, melting eggs, placed between two pieces of yoga mat is just flat-out filthy rotten. And if you order and eat this, they need to take your I.D., scan it, and place you into the system on every watchlist there is because you're a wild card maniac who's capable of some horrific shit. Sorry but facts are facts.