Vince McMahon Has Officially Sold WWE While Looking Like A Super-Villain Out Of The Cartoons


I gotta say, first and foremost, today is a sad day. I never would have thought Vince McMahon would sell the family business. It was always assumed he would pass it down to his kids, as his father did to him (more or less). To see him completely sell the WWE to Endeavor, UFC's parent company, is the end of an era. And the only thing weirder is that he looked like this while doing it:



Ummmm...what?? Lmao. Vince has always been a weirdo. Can we stop for a second and appreciate Vince has always been one of the weirdest, sickest puppies on the block but he's also such a creative genius we've never been able to fully appreciate what a wild card this guy truly is? I mean you hear all the stories, but we only know the tip of the iceberg. 

But anyway, I was talking to Robert "Robbie" "Bob" Fox last night about what this means for WWE moving forward. I think we are in store for some cool things like co-branded PPVs, and some not cool things like going back to the PPV model. My dream would be Endeavor makes their own streaming service like the now defunct WWE Network where you can pay $10/month for all the UFC/WWE events, but that seems unlikely considering just how much money they make from PPVs alone. 

The real question we think we ever see a McMahon pop up on AEW? Is Steph vs HHH in our future?!