Ball Don't Lie: Jayden Pierre Officially Returns To Providence After The Internet Found Out Head Coach Kim English Beat Him 1-on-1

What a move. I love this so much. You may remember this story: 

Well, guess what? Kim English beat Jayden Pierre so rules are rules. Pierre is now back at Providence and out of the portal. It's not overly shocking. Any player dealing with a coaching change should put their name in the portal. You commit to a staff/coach, they leave, you have the right to do whatever you want. 

I know people also questioned the hire of English since he had a couple mediocre years at George Mason.  But it's simple. English is one of the most well respected young coaches in the entire country. People within the sport have talked about English being an expected breakout star at some point in his career. He has a chance to succeed year 1 at Providence because of news like this. 


Like I said in the original blog. This should be the new rule. You want to transfer, you play your head coach 1-on-1 to 21. If you win, you get to do what you want. If your coach wins, they decide. I'll happily tweet out all results as part of Scoop City and power rank all coaches in 1-on-1 skills. Don't think I won't. I'm addicted to ranking all 363 Division I teams. By the way, the 5 worst 1-on-1 coaches if I had to guess:

363. Will Wade (McNeese State)

362. Bruce Pearl (Auburn)

361. Josh Schertz (Indiana State)

360. Scotty Davenport (Bellarmine) 

359.  Jay Young (Fairfield)

Either way, Providence is going to have expectations right away. You bring back likely preseason Big East POY in Bryce Hopkins. Devin Carter is damn good. You have talent everywhere. Time to win. That or start playing more 1-on-1 and getting guys out of the transfer portal. 

I just love the idea of settling everything with a 1-on-1 game. It's the ultimate way we grew up. Didn't like something? Shoot for it. Now we're just picking it up and playing 1-on-1 instead. Need more beefs settled this way. Need more arguments settled this way. Oh you disagree with my stance on not calling timeout like Brian Dutcher? Fine. No need to argue. One game, no more arguing.