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ONIONS - Lamont Butler At The Buzzer Sends San Diego State To The National Title Game

Holy shit. What a finish. I mean I still don't truly understand how Florida Atlantic lost this game. They were up 14. They were in control. Then they just went cold. This is what San Diego State has done all Tournament. Stay close enough for something like this late. Then they do what they do. Defense. Yes, FAU went too early here. I hated that decision. But it worked for SDSU. They didn't trap. They didn't foul. They just got a rebound and hit a shot. 

This is what makes the NCAA Tournament though. One game. One moment. Lamont Butler did what he had to. He hit the one shot he needed to. Like I said, FAU felt like the better team. It felt like SDSU stole that. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because you can steal a game or kick someone's ass and one win is all that matters. 

If you want to talk about why SDSU won the game? It's as simple as rebounding. FAU went what felt like 13 minutes without a rebound in the second half. SDSU kicked their ass. Every missed free throw was an offensive rebound. Matt Bradley hit a bunch of outside shots. LeDee was big for them. Parrish hit shots. They took what FAU gave them and despite a bullshit whistle, stayed within striking distance.

Yeah, I had a soft spot for FAU. That team was awesome. They played modern basketball. They can run back the same team next year. It felt like they won this game. But this is a ridiculous story for SDSU and Brian Dutcher. They almost feel vindicated after 2020 was canceled. 

Now we have San Diego State in the national title game. What a fucking world. 

PS: Back-to-back NCAA Tournament games at this stadium with buzzer beaters. Shout out Kris Jenkins.