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John Mara Stupidly Warned Brian Daboll To Avoid Going From 'Bono To Bozo' - Forgets One Detail That Makes It Impossible

I hate this from John Mara. You know why? Because he's the reason we waited this long for a Brian Daboll in our lives. You know exactly who he's talking about here. Ben McAdoo. The guy who was a lovable doofus wearing a giant oversized suit for his first press conference

Dennis Van Tine. Shutterstock Images.

That was a Ben McAdoo who brought the Giants to the playoffs. Then he did the unthinkable. He thought he was a rock star. He took his bowl cut to this: 

Thearon W. Henderson. Getty Images.

Seriously, what the fuck was that? Anyways, that started the downfall for the Giants. McAdoo got ran out of town and Mara, showed why he's a bozo. He brought in Pat fucking Shurmur. There was no bigger loser than Pat Shurmur. That dude stinks out loud as a head coach. The only person who comes close was Dave Gettleman - also hired by Mara! Then we had the Joe Judge experience.

But you see, this warning is stupid as shit because John Mara forgets something. Brian Daboll can't change his look. That's why we needed the perfect bald headed meatball that he is. Daboll is the guy who packs a sandwich in his briefcase with nothing else and frankly that's why he'll always be good. Daboll will always be the guy with a sunburnt head, wearing glasses and have the perfect coach body. Put that man in a sweatsuit and let him go to work. 

Don't get me wrong, the Giants need to improve. Personally I'd prefer to keep loading up on actual wide receivers and not have Lawrence Cager as receiving option 2 late in the year. 

Mara needs to look at himself. The morons he hired put the Giants in hell. Don't go warning our beloved Daboll about turning into bozo, I'm warning you not to turn into a bozo.