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USMNT Player Sebastian Lletget Claims He's Being Extorted For A '10-Minute Lapse Of Judgement' After Being Accused Of Allegedly Cheating On Becky G

There are a lot of moving parts here. So let's set up the backstory real quick. Sebastian Lletget, plays for the US Soccer team, FC Dallas, actually pretty good! Played in 4 World Cup qualifiers for us last year. I like him as a reserve and fighting for a spot. He's engaged to Becky G, famous singer. 

An account popped up accusing Lletget of allegedly cheating: 

Naturally the account was deleted. But it went viral and Lletget responded in the most hilarious way. 

[TMZ] - After the posts went viral, the accuser's IG account was deleted … but the damage had already been done. Days later, Lletget has decided to address the rumors (though not in specifics) in a lengthy statement, saying on Monday, "a 10 minute lapse in judgement results in an extortion plot."

10 minute lapse of judgement! Guy, rule number 1 as learned on the Jersey Shore, deny, deny, deny. Don't you give specifics. You can't say it was 10 minutes. That's far too long to admit. Say it was a lapse in judgement. Say it was a moment of lapse of judgement. You don't need to say 10 minutes and make half of us look bad out here. 

Do love the spin zone though of saying the person is an Internet stalker, who he's NEVER met, being an alarm to wake up. Yeah, man, I'd say publicly being accused of cheating on your equally as famous fiancee would do that. That's how you find yourself on all the websites. I mean, hey, like I said, I like Lletget. He's actually decent for a US reserve. Maybe if he was a starter we'd have a different tone. 

Between the Reyna blackmail on Berhalter, this, it feels like the USMNT is starting to realize we're a decent soccer club. The more drama, the better we're off. That and the fact that we actually have talent. That helps. Miles Robinson back healthy and the only MLS player in the lineup last night is a huge plus.