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New Renderings For The Future Buffalo Bills Stadium Have Been Released And They Are STUNNING



I know the Bills faithful are bummed the way this season ended considering they were Super Bowl favorites that didn't even make the conference championship game and they now they have to navigate a world where Josh Allen is taking up a chunk of the cap as big as him for the foreseeable future. But I'll be dammed if some fresh stadium renderings can't make a fanbase feel all warm and tingly inside, even if they live North of The Wall in Western New York that can get pounded by snow at any given moment, like they are right now a week after spring sprung for the rest of the country.

Now I know better than anyone how much of a difference stadium renderings can be compared to the actual stadium considering MetLife Stadium looked like it was going to be an arena from the future instead of an oversized air conditioner that was barely an upgrade of Giants Stadium (at least where us common folk sit). Still, dreaming of a future stadium is the perfect way to ignore the problems of the present. So that big shiny glass building with a futuristic shape that kinda looks like Tony Stark's time machine from Endgame should take away some of the sting from that Bengals game or at least fight off the next few monthly blogs from Jerry Thornton throwing dirt on the "Bills Dynasty".

I also love the Just Freeze Baby banners 3000. I don't know if it's an actual phrase that Bills fans say or not, but it's the reason I am happy the Bills aren't going to have a dome on their stadium since there is just something different watching snow football in Buffalo and Green Bay compared to anywhere else. Granted, my dumb ass enjoys watching those games from the comfort of my own home in a hoodie with the thermostat set somewhere in the 70s. But I stand by it.

That being said, it is kinda crazy that you could spend $1.4 billion (with the local tax payers footing the majority of the bill) for a stadium that is pretty much unusable for any events outside of football during the everlasting Buffalo winters. Maybe they could've built a retractable roof and added a note in the building agreement that said roof would have to be opened for every football game played there or else the entire stadium would have to be demolished.

Nonetheless, I'm sure the true Bills fans will love their stadium since it's the home of their Bills and it appears there will be a ton of neon lights since Buffalo strikes me as a huge neon light city. As for the roof, I don't imagine any Bills fans will mind the cold weather since their thick Buffalo blood and BAC level will make them impervious to the wintry weather. 

P.S. I will be forced to give the new stadium a 0 Balls rating if they don't have a Wingnutz stand somewhere in the concourse because those wings are all I've thought about since Pardon My Take went to Buffalo a couple of years ago.