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Ken Griffey Jr. Jumps Up To The 4th Highest Paid Player On The Reds In 2023!

Even though the Kid hasn't worn a Reds uniform since 2008, that won't stop him from being near the top of their payroll this season. I talked about it last year when it came out that Ken Griffey Jr. was 6th on the Reds payroll, but this year he's made the jump up a few spots to #4. The tweet says #3 on payroll but they are blatantly ignoring Mike Moustakas still being owed $22 million. So it's only Moustatkas, Joey Votto and Wil Myers above Jr. Griffey on the payroll this season and that is very much a fantastic Reds stat.

 Deferred contracts aren't an uncommon thing in sports, especially baseball. They all try and just kick the can down the road and will pay them eventually like Bobby Bonilla is doing with the Mets and Orioles. Players don't like it because....well they want to get paid now. But this is basically like found money for Griffey Jr. $3.6 million randomly in your account one day? That is like quarters in the couch cushion for the kid. 

Hell, we saw his swing just a few days ago, Reds might as well think about getting him to play for a little. They started out historically bad last season but ended up being....respectful I guess. But couldn't hurt to see if he wanted to come back and earn his salary. 15 years since he last played for the Reds but he's still near the top in pay, not a bad gig at all if you can get it! The deal expires after next season so we have one more year to see who the Reds will have him out earn. 

Just goes to show that the Reds owners don't make it a secret that they aren't trying to win anything. 

 Still think he should be entitled to a few at-bats a season.