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Team USA Convinced Ken Griffey Jr To Get In The Batting Cage And Take Some Hacks - No Surprise His Swing Is Still Just As Pretty As You Remember

You know those IG and TikTok accounts that promote videos that are "aesthetically pleasing" and "relaxing"? Well Ken Griffey Jr. taking BP hacks should be added to that algorithm. It is so damn pleasing to watch Jr. hit bombs. Look at all the guys surrounding the cage watching their hitting coach take hacks too. Such a cool moment. Apparently it took some pleading from the players to get him in there too. It's like riding a bike. Griffey Jr. could go years without swinging a bat and still have a better swing than 99% of the guys in the bigs. 

It sounds like he tried to pull the "ah I don't have any of my stuff with me" card, but that didn't work. He used Trout's gloves and Mookie brought him a bat, how great is that? This is a guy we all grew up idolizing and these players are no different. I'm sure every player on Team USA spent hours in the backyard trying to replicate that swing and now they get to see it in person. Pretty cool moment here, especially with everyone crowded around the cage watching. IDC if he's 24, 54, or 94, Griffey Jr. puts asses in seats.