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There's A Post Going Viral In Russia Claiming That Putin Has Been Using Body Doubles

There's a ton of chatter about Putin using body doubles. People, including Zelensky, apparently think that he specifically used a body double during his trip to the front. Is this true? I have no idea. I am not an expert on the man's ear lobes or jawlines that people have been using. What I do know is that getting a body double would be the FIRST thing I would do if I were rich and powerful. People always ask the question: what would you rather have if you won the lottery or if you sold your free Boston-based newspaper company from 20 years ago for $600M...personal chef or chauffeur. The answer is actually body double. No matter how rich and powerful you get you're still going to have obligations that you'd rather die than go to. Going to events with your wife or girlfriend's family, bullshit events where you have to smile at people, going to the front lines in some foreign country you invaded during winter. Nobody wants to do that shit. The solution to all of them is to have a body double. Easter is right around the corner. To me, Easter is the worst of the family obligation holidays. There's no fun stuff as an adult for that holiday. Jesus himself probably had a body double and when he got caught the disciples panicked were like, "no no no he just...ummm...rose from the dead. It's totally the same dude." and we've been telling that story for 2000 years now. I'd be more surprised if Putin didn't have a body double at this point. He'd be stupid not to.