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There Is A Chance Tonight's World Baseball Classic Championship Will Be The Most Watched Baseball Game EVER

We got the matchup we wanted in the WBC Championship, USA vs Japan. Trout vs Ohtani. Give it to us. Japan staged an unreal comeback last night to beat Mexico that was sparked by who else, Shohei Ohtani. Such a fantastic game and a great way to lead into the Championship. 

The numbers have been flying all around about how many people have been watching, % of countries watching the games, all we know is a TON of people have been watching these games. With that said, tonight's game has a chance to become the most watched baseball game ever. According to, last year's clinching game 5 of the World Series had 13.01 Million views.....this game may have 5 times as many viewers. Hell, we could have 100 million people watching Trout vs Ohtani for the championship. Think about that for a second. 113 Million watched the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, we may get more people watching the WBC Championship tonight, and who said baseball can't get eyeballs on it!

It should be a great game and there isn't SHIT else to watch tonight except The Dozen at 7 PM, so toss the Dozen on your laptop and throw on Fox Sports 1 and watch the boys try and bring it home vs Japan. I can't wait to see the amount of eyeballs we had watching, going to be some insane numbers. It's been a great tournament with a ton of huge moments, I expect tonight to be more of the same. Buckle up and lets see if USA can go back-to-back.