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I Defy Anyone To Watch This USA Hype Video And Not Be Fired Up For The World Baseball Classic Title Game

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Anyone who can watch that video and not feel the red, white and blue coursing through their veins shouldn't be allowed to vote. This isn't about your personal stance on the World Baseball Classic, it's about freedom and kicking ass in the name of the 50 stars and 13 bars.

On Wednesday night, we button up the USA across our chests and take on whichever one of Mexico or Japan wants the smoke and I assure you, we will come out on top. We didn't come this far to only get this far.

I hope we can put these ridiculous WBC debates behind us and all pull in the same direction tomorrow as Trea Turner and the Freedom Fighters look to bring home the gold once again. I'm jacked up just thinking about the energy in LoanDepot Park — this is the only time anybody can say that — with the U.S. taking on either Shohei Ohtani or Mexico with the WBC title on the line. This is baseball at its best.

USA, bitches.

Update: TikTok's algorithm saw me writing this blog and gave me two more elite hype videos because it knows exactly what we all want at all times. I am now 200 percent more excited for Wednesday.