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We Are Truly Doomed As A Society If JaVale McGee Of All People Can't Even Watch A Soccer Game Without Some Weirdo Trying To Go Viral

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Just the other day I blogged about how Jamal Murray deserved praise for not beating the shit out of a Piston's fan who attempted to talk shit while the Nuggets blew out the Pistons by talking about his girl sucking dick

I think pretty much everyone who watches that video agrees that guy is a gigantic asshole. Just be normal, why is that so hard? It still makes me laugh how quiet he got once Jokic came over, and it was one of those situations where people want to be tough knowing that they are protected by security and in an environment where players really can't do anything about it.

It's another thing when this weird fan behavior happens in the wild. It might be even weirder when it happens to JaVale McGee (???) of all people

Apparently, the internet is saying this fella is the same kid that did some sort of stunt at something called the Gamer Awards. I'll admit, I am an old, and have no idea what that is who this is, but I guess this is just something he does? 

I can only imagine what daily life must be like for famous people/professional athletes. In a sense, you trade your personal life/space for fame and millions of dollars, and if you're a 7 footer like JaVale McGee, you're obviously going to stand out. It makes me think back to a few months ago when LeBron said he wishes he could just go to Starbucks and get a coffee while minding his own business. That might be a little extreme because my guess is he also enjoys his hundreds of millions of dollars and the attention, but on a human level, I can understand why this shit would get annoying. JaVale McGee is most certainly not LeBron.

The guy just wants to mind his business and watch some soccer. Just like with the Pistons fan, I will ask again. Is it so hard to be normal? I'm pretty sure if you just go up to JaVale and ask for a picture or something he'd oblige. He seems like a nice enough guy and usually as long as you're respectful there's no issue. But this? Trying to have some sort of weird gotcha internet prank moment? That's lame as hell. This might be a generational thing, but I just don't get it. 

To me, this is internet culture in 2023. The more and more these type of pranks or gotcha videos go viral and whatnot, the more people will try to recreate those moments. This is why professional sports needs the "you get 1 knockout a year" rule for all athletes. JaVale should be able to knock the shit out of that guy with zero repercussions. Sure that would probably make things 10000x worse, but maybe these weirdos would start to get the message that these are actual people and will try acting normal for once.