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Ryan Reynolds Sold His Company To T-Mobile For A Cool $1.35 Billion And Will Probably Use A Bunch Of Money From The Sale To Try To Buy The Ottawa Senators

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Did Ryan Reynolds do it again or did Ryan Reynolds do it again? Just three years after selling Aviation Gin for $610 million, Reynolds closed on a deal in which T-Mobile purchased the entirety of his company Mint Mobile for more than a billion dollars.

CNN- Ryan Reynolds is about to have a nice payday. T-Mobile announced Wednesday that it’s buying budget wireless provider Mint Mobile in a larger deal for up to $1.35 billion. The acquisition of Mint Mobile’s parent Ka’ena Corporation will also include Ultra Mobile, an international calling service, and wireless wholesaler Plum.

Reynolds, who purchased a minority ownership stake in Mint Mobile in 2019, will stay on in his “creative role on behalf of Mint,” where he serves as a spokesperson, according to a press release announcing the deal.

“I never dreamt I’d own a wireless company and I certainly never dreamt I’d sell it to T-Mobile,” Reynolds wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “Life is strange and I’m incredibly proud and grateful.”

A pretty decent payday I suppose. I imagine most people put together a list of things they'd like to buy when they come into a bunch of money. KFC for instance wants to buy a Delorean with his PENN money.

Reynolds had already expressed heavy interest in buying the Ottawa Senators, who are reportedly close to being sold.

The timing of this deal between Reynolds and T-Mobile is aligning with the eventual sale of the Senators feels almost too good to be true for him. He owns about 20-25% of Mint Mobile, so he'll be coming away with a huge chunk of change. The Senators are valued at approximately $800 million, which Reynolds would surely be able to take care of as a majority owner. And based on the video below, it seems like the Sens fans would be happy if he bought the team.

Quite the reception for a guy who was only rumored to buy the team at the time. You'd think he singlehandedly won them a Stanley Cup. Even the players were giving an ovation. 

Regardless, Ottawa is a team with a lot of young talent and could be really exciting to watch in the coming years. Having all of that and an owner like Ryan Reynolds would be awesome for the game. Hopefully Deadpool gets it done.