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'Our Family Is Completely Disgusted' - This US Soccer Report Shows How Much Of A Disaster The Reyna/Berhalter Drama Truly Is

So we finally got the full report on the whole Reyna/Gregg drama from the World Cup: 

Let me tell you something. The Reyna's are the worst kind of parents. Holy shit that's beyond helicopter parents. Don't get me wrong, I understand Claudio is in a different scenario than most because of his ties to US Soccer. But look at those tweets from the report. Texting coaches, demanding meetings, threatening blackmail. Good God man, just let Gio play soccer. The dude is good, I promise you. 

And, sure, the USMNT is a political nightmare. But you can't act like a complete dickhead when it's been decades of this. You can't threaten blackmail and send the texts he did. We have the most talented roster that we've ever had in US Soccer. Gio SHOULD be part of the 2026 World Cup. Just let it all happen. Like, yeah, I think Gio should have played more. I wish he did. But you can't be the type of dad to storm into school just because your kid is coming off the bench. 

Weirdly part of me feels bad for Gio. He comes off as a prick in the report and how he acted when he wasn't starting. But the kid is 19 with parents who are doing this? How the hell is he supposed to know otherwise? We all know a Gio in our lives growing up. The kid who never took blame, his parents blamed everyone else and acted like he should be the star no matter what. 

The US Soccer Federation cleared Gregg in this report too. He's eligible to be hired again as manager. That said, I still don't think that should happen. He did his job, got the US back to the World Cup and into group stage. But you can't bring him back for another run. I'm not a huge fan of managers getting two runs at the World Cup anyways unless you really look the part - make a run to the semis or something. 

Now it's time for the US to make the right decision. You gotta keep Claudio and Danielle as far away as possible. You need to clear house and come up with a clear plan for 2026. Get new blood in there. Get away from the incestuous relationship that is US Soccer. Stop the bullshit drama.