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The Kids That Murdered The Dab In Cold Blood On Teen Jeopardy Back In 2019 Want You To Know They Definitely Knew How To Dab And Were Just Acting Like Clueless Nerds

I know Barstool has reached a national level, Jeopardy isn't the show it once was when Trebek was asking us to answer in the form of a question, and this is all a bunch of fucking nonsense. But damn it felt good hearing Barstool represented on Jeopardy after blogging about the show a bazillion times back in its glory days. 

I imagine it doesn't feel as good as Portnoy, Big Cat, and KFC felt when they checked their bank accounts after PENN deal officially went through. However I'll take what I can get, especially since it reminded me of this old classic that Jack Mac blogged.

Man, times were so much simpler back then. I mean I'm pretty sure we said every year was the worst year ever at that point and it seemed like half the country hated the other half of the country. But people were dabbing and Alex Trebek was alive, so things couldn't have been all that bad. 

So thanks Lucas and Avi for taking us back to a simpler time when life was good better and I believe both of you supernerds when you say you set that up on purpose.

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I miss the shit out of this show's glory years as well to the point I don't even acknowledge the Netflix Years.