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Jeff Bezos Appears Determined To Be An NFL Owner, As He Reportedly May Be Even More Interested In Buying The Seahawks Than The Commanders

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[Sports Illustrated]

News has leaked that Commanders owner Dan Snyder blocked a bid from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to purchase the franchise, as Nate covered recently, but it seems like Bezos in unbothered about that whole toxic Washington situation.

We've got some major scoopage from Albert Breer, whose MMQB column embedded this little secretive nugget of info quite near the end of a very long script:

"I’ve heard Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would be as interested, if not more so, in buying the Seahawks than the Commanders. So if Snyder’s set on boxing Bezos out of Washington, that certainly wouldn’t end the shot that Bezos becomes an NFL owner, as so many other NFL owners would like him to be."

Did I just say "script"? Sorry every since Arian Foster said the thing on Macrodosing I can't help but believe it's all a grand conspiracy and a reality TV show. 

Seriously, this detail about one of the most prominent people on planet Earth buying the freaking Seahawks is buried beneath all kinds of other intriguing scuttlebutt during the NFL offseason.

Seattle's current ownership trust is spearheaded by Jody Allen. Hell, if all the buzz is true about her being heavily involved with the team and she spurned Russell Wilson's rumored request to fire Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider, I'd say she's doing a hell of a job. 

Maybe those who automatically assume she doesn't know what's up since she inherited it from her brother Paul Allen after he passed should check themselves. Seems like she just had a huge hand in one of the better owner offseasons in recent memory given that the Seahawks went to the playoffs when everyone believed they were in a total rebuild.

Looking back at this from December…

Then, Allen's stern denial this past July about the team being for sale any time soon:

"As chair of both the Portland Trail Blazers and the Seattle Seahawks, my long-term focus is building championship teams that our communities are proud of. Like my brother Paul, I trust and expect our leaders and coaches to build winning teams that deliver results on and off the court and field.

"As we've stated before, neither of the teams is for sale and there are no sales discussions happening.

"A time will come when that changes given Paul’s plans to dedicate the vast majority of his wealth to philanthropy, but estates of this size and complexity can take 10 to 20 years to wind down. There is no pre-ordained timeline by which the teams must be sold.

"Until then, my focus — and that of our teams — is on winning."

Giphy Images.

You know what, Jeff Bezos? How about you leave the Paul Allen Trust and Jody Allen alone? Aren't you high-profile enough already? You and your rocket ship and ubiquitous, monolithic empire of a company. How about just going and starting your own country or something, man?

If I were Bezos, I'd definitely pick the Seahawks over whatever the fuck is going on with the Commanders' whole football operation. That's a waking nightmare over there. Just listen to Alex Smith discuss it in any interview since he finished playing. Nuclear waste over there, my guy.

On the other hand, how fun would it be to see Bezos go after Dan Snyder and just bulldoze over him? And then if you turned the Commanders into a sustainable winner after that? Sheesh. You could build quite a legacy accomplishing that.

But nooooooooo…the obvious, singular objective Bezos should have on the Seattle sports scene is bringing back the damn SuperSonics. I mean my lord, whatever expansion plan the NBA has, if it had the backing of one of the richest dudes in the history of the world, the league office would have no choice but to revive the team.

Give us the Sonics, Bezos. Then maybe dabble in the NFL after that. To do that for the community (or thereabouts) where you founded Amazon would be incredible. You already got the naming rights for Climate Pledge Arena and the NHL's expansion Seattle Kraken. Now do what Seattle needs and give us the Sonics 2.0!!!

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Teleport me to a timeline where the Sonics are coming back in 2023-24 and have been assigned the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft to take Victor Wembanyama.

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