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Brady Tkachuk Is A Beautiful Psychopath, Challenges Entire Red Wings Bench To Fight

I'll tell ya what--that's a pretty tough look for Stevie Y's Goon Squad. 

Ottawa had just got done spanking the bare butt, back, and balls off of Detroit in the 2nd period. A 4-goal period by the Sens capped off with this goal from Brady to put them up 2. 

Both of these teams are looking to make a push here in the final quarter of the season to grab a Wild Card spot. Here's what the standings look like with just around 20 games left to go in the season. 

All of these teams are about to be playing an entire month of playoff hockey. Every point matters from here on out. 7 teams fighting for 2 spots, and only 7 points separates them all. But after that showing at the end of the 2nd period, I think you can cross the Detroit Red Wings out of the running. They clearly aren't built for it. 

You've got one guy challenging your entire bench and not a single person answers the bell? They just stand there and giggle? It was at that exact moment that Brady and the Sens knew they wouldn't have to worry about Detroit standing in their way of the playoffs anymore. There were still 20 minutes left to go, but for all intents and purposes that game was over. 

It's just a shame that nobody gave Brady the fight he was looking for. He already had a goal on the night, and he still had a full period left to pick up a secondary assist somewhere. This is a young man who has the ability to be one of the all-team leaders in career Gordie Howe Hat Tricks. But he'll never be able to rack up those Gordie's if guys don't answer the bell when he calls them out. Detroit oughta be ashamed of themselves, and somebody better give Brady that fight tonight when these two teams play again. 

P.S. -- Psychopath on the ice, heart of gold off of it. What a guy.