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Hunter Dickinson Just Saved Michigan's Season With An Unreal Buzzer Beater Three Against Wisconsin

Holy SHIT!! The big bastard didn't even know where he was when he caught this ball and proceeded to bang it home, sending the game to OT. All the shit talking backed up with that shot. Everyone who says he tries too hard to be a villain doesn't know what they are talking about. This man called them scumbags, wore a ski mask and lost. There was a lot of pressure to win this game at home and it all was in his hands. Bang! Right in your mouth. What a huge win for Michigan on senior day as they need every W they can get to hopefully avoid having their bubble burst. 

Really shows you how dumb it is to not foul up three late in the game. That's just bad coaching from Greg Gard. The moment they cross half court you whack them and avoid any potential prayer three like that. Instead you got a block out of bounds which led to this inbounds play. 

We will be talking about this with Hunter on roundball coming out Monday. Make sure you're following along with our podcast throughout all of March. This man just saved Michigan's season and might have just ruined Wisconsin's with one shot. I fucking love this man. He just shut all of you up, sorry to see it.