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Jake Paul Can End Tommy Fury's Boxing Career On Sunday


 Date: Feb. 26 | Start time: 2 p.m. ET

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

How to watch: ESPN+ PPV  Price: $49.99

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is going to be an amazing fight and everyone that disagrees is just a loser. You need to give credit to Jake for never losing and shutting up the haters along the way. Like clockwork the masses pray Jake loses every time he steps in the ring. Those same fools are found complaining after he wins, saying he didn't fight anyone challenging. Jake Paul could fight a grizzly bear and people would come up with a reason for why it wasn't a fair fight. 

Tommy Fury answered a lot of the questions I had for him. He didn't show up to Saudi Arabia for the 1st press conference and he simply said I'm not flying to sell this fight when I can be training. Seems fair to me. He also explained that this fight has a lot of hype because it's the 3rd time they have tried to do this thing. None of the comments on the internet phase him at all. 

One thing is certain to me. I truly think Tommy Fury won't be able to go on in professional fighting if he loses to Jake Paul. The amount of talking his family has done saying stuff like he shouldn't be a Fury if he loses will end him. My prediction for this fight is Jake Paul wins in a decision. I don't think anyone gets a knock out because Tommy Fury doesn't want to get anywhere near him to become a meme. I can't wait to see what people say if Jake Paul wins this fight and unfortunately for Jake I don't think people will want to watch his fights anymore if he loses to a real boxer who is very early in their career.