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Victor Wembanyama Is The Most Hyped Up NBA Prospect Since LeBron And Social Media Might Be The Reason He Fails

This man can walk across the street and people would say he is the next LeBron James. I don't think anyone has had this much hype surrounding them before they enter the NBA since LeBron James. Maybe you can say Zion Williamson, but I still think it's Wemby. Despite being a huge star LeBron coming into the NBA obviously I think the lack of social media didn't make him as big as he could have been in today's world. I mean in the video above we're crowning this dude for palming two basketballs at the same time. We get it he is really fucking good and he is a large human being, but let's reel it in for a second. 

It will be interesting to see if he gets caught up in all of the hype himself. He's skipping college and going right into the league. No one has really seen this dude play on a consistent basis. His first game is going to be absolute must see TV and for a 19 year old that's not the easiest thing to handle.

He almost has to drop 40 to 50 points his first game to live up to the hype we're all building around him. There are so many amazing young basketball players that no one really gets too blown away anymore. LeBron James is averaging 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists at 38 years old and people just hate on him non stop. Social media ruins a lot of things. The person in the best spot right now is easily Scoot Henderson. No one talks about this dude because he's not 7'5" and still growing. He is arguably a better player than Victor but you'd never know that. Imagine being the second overall pick and nobody is really talking about you? Dream scenario for that guy.

I just think nobody has had this much pressure going into a professional league in a long time. Bryce Harper maybe, but he at least got to get adjusted in the minors for a few years before jumping into the big leagues. All I see is this guy's name all over everything and he hasn't stepped foot on an NBA court. I just think he has a lot to live up to, maybe too much. I am very excited to see him, but the expectations might be impossible to fulfill.