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We Got Refs Tackling Guys, A Coach Throwing Punches And A Surprise Dwight Howard Cameo In A Quality Taiwanese Basketball Fight

I'm not gonna lie, Dwight Howard popping up and directing traffic made me laugh out loud. Forgot he was over there even with Shaq constantly making fun of him. Just one of those I saw Taiwanese basketball fight and my brain didn't even register Dwight could be part of it. Then there he is, pointing like a cop telling you what exit to get out of. Throw your size around big man. Protect your teammates. It's a decent scrap get in the middle of it and body someone! 

 But back to the fight. The ref stole the show. I know people are highlighting the coach coming out from behind the bench to throw some punches, but the ref is the star. He's trying to pancake block the dude to get him out of there before delivering an unorthodox tackle on the coach. Gotta hit the film and learn how to form tackle. Pretty sure in Roger's world that's a 15-yard penalty. 

According to the broadcast this was late in the game too ... an 18-point game. Love the passion to try to blow out a team even more. That's Taiwanese basketball for you. No minutes off. Play until the final whistle. Still want to know why that assistant coach was so pissed off. That dude was looking for a fight. Good scrap highlighted by Dwight Howard's cameo. Should have let them fight a little bit longer before the ref tackle.