Forcing Topper to Cast Me on Outer Banks Season 4

Watch the full interview here:

Before you jump down my throat, Fran brought it up!

We sat down with Austin North (aka Topper) from Outer Banks on Chicks in the Office today to discuss everything season 3, his Disney past and all the frat bros who come up to him wanting to party with Topper. 

Just as the interview was concluding, Fran threw in a, "You know, season 4... Keep Ria in mind. We're really trying to get her on the show."

In case you forgot, I was legitimately supposed to be on season 2. Chase Stokes met with the director and everything about my part. Apparently it didn’t happen because of Covid and blah blah which I get, no outsiders. It is what it is... but it still stings. 

We told that story to Austin, who was both empathetic and a little scared as we became impassioned, animated, and toward the end straight up started to yell about coming on the show. 

Our bad. We just love this damn show and were SO CLOSE the last time. And to be clear, I wasn't asking for a hand out. Just the chance to audition. A simple favor!

For the full story, listen to today's Chicks in the Office: