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It's Coming Home - FIFA Confirms The US Is Qualified For The 2026 World Cup, Title Run Starts Now

Step 1 of winning the 2026 World Cup is officially confirmed. Frankly, I think Mexico and Canada should have to qualify still. Those bums couldn't even make it out of the group stage. Should only let the US auto qualify for the 2026 World Cup on that reason alone. 

But this is step 1. We're in. 

This was the likely outcome, but there was some uncertainty because of the three-host setup as well as the expanded World Cup. I still hate it. The 32-team World Cup was great. 3 round robin games, 16 advance. We don't need to expand everything in sports. It's getting ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. 48 teams is far too many. It takes away making the World Cup and really diminishes the qualifying rounds. Six teams now make it out of CONCACAF? Gross. 

Who cares if we don't have a manager still? I vote we bring in Clint Dempsey. Everyone knows you win the World Cup based on cool factor. Let him patrol the sidelines, you won't have everything that went down with the Reyna's. That and get better jerseys. Argentina vs France was an elite jersey matchup. We need that in the US. Not this tie dye look. 

Title run starts now.