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Revisiting That Time Lady Gaga Had A Fan Vomit Philly's Colors Onto Her Chest

When I saw this clip, I thought it might be the perfect thing to share with everyone as we all sit here patiently waiting for that well-deserved meteorite to come crashing into Earth, destroying us all.

But before I "threw it up" onto the blog, I checked to see if someone beat me to it, and sure enough, someone did... KFC blogged this when it happened nearly 10 years ago.

Giphy Images.

Unfortunately for Kevin, whatever link he used for that 2004 blog has since been "heaved" from the internet, so I thought I would "hurl" another one up for posterity's sake.

And if the Tweet I embedded also gets "expelled" sometime in the next 9 years, I "upchucked" this looped GIF of the incident…

Another reason for "regurgitating" this scene- The actual vomitus this girl spewed onto Gaga's chest is a similar green worn by the Philadelphia Eagles, so "bringing up" this seemingly pro-bulimia performance on this particular weekend felt apropos for all the responsibly drunk member's of Philly's Bird Gang.  Who I am betting… win or lose… will be dealing with a considerable amount of vomit come Monday morning.

Giphy Images.

Enjoy the game, and take a report.