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Lady Gaga Had Some Chick Throw Up All Over Her On Stage During Her Performance Last Night

Lady Gaga is my least favorite person with a pulse, but you know what? I just have to respect her hustle. The helicopter dress. The giant furry triangle head with the furry beak. Having bitches puke all over you while you play the drums and the piano. She’s relentless, man. Straight up relentless.

You know what needs to happen? I need a second youtube video of black chicks watching this video and reacting. Because make no mistake having people puke all over you for “artistic” purposes is about as white as it gets. Its like hockey, skiing, and extreme sports all combined and multiplied by a billion. I would just love to listen to some hood chick commentary on some goth bitch vomiting on Gaga. Would be funnier than any commentary I could ever give.