World Baseball Classic Rosters Are Out And The Dominican Republic's Lineup Is As Absurd As Expected

Mike Ehrmann. Getty Images.

The World Baseball Classic is right around and the corner and just a few minutes ago the official rosters were released. Of course we have to start with Team USA (Odds: +275)

The clear formula for Team USA is going to be to out-slug everyone else. You're working with a lineup that features Betts, Trout, Trea Turner, Arenado, Goldschmidt, and Kyle Tucker. Deadly, but the pitching is nothing to write home about. I'm not disrespecting our guys, but you match them up against the DR lineup and well, bad things are gonna happen. 

Team DR: Odds: +225

Like what are we doing here? 

Laugh out loud funny Gary Sanchez just sneaks his way on here, but with everyone else that's just insanity. What is this? A 130 win baseball team? We're honestly lucky some of their starting pitchers didn't participate. Like sure you got Sandy and Javier, but Luis Castillo, Framber, Severino all could have been in the rotation. If we get matched up with the DR I'm responsibly peppering the over. 

Next we got Team Venezuela (Odds: +1300


Do they win the whole thing? Probably not, but they for sure can be fun. I could easily see them being a dark horse and taking down one of the four favorites ahead of them. 

Team Puerto Rico: Odds +800

Honestly not in love with Puerto Rico here. I'm sure there's some solid guys I don't recognize, but I wouldn't throw the word "loaded" around this squad. 

Team Japan: +300

I'd comfortably call Team Japan loaded. We'll get an early look at Boston's new toy in Masataka Yoshida along with Munetaka Murakami who will be coming over in a few years. That guy can mash. Ohtani is the big name here obviously, but they have a lethal team. 

Hop over to Starting 9's twitter to see the rest of the teams. I just outlined the better ones for the blog. Games get going in about a month and I cannot wait.