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Potential Problem: Claudia Romani, Once Dubbed 'The World's Sexiest Referee' Sure Can't Seem To Make A Decision

This here is Claudia Romani, once dubbed the 'sexiest referee in the world.' I'm serious. She's a former/current model who was qualified to ref Serie A and Serie B matches: 

[Source] - THE world's sexiest referee caused a stir as she stripped down to a tiny bikini.

Claudia changed her career from a model to a Serie A and Serie B qualified official in 2014.

But the 39-year-old came under fire in 2016 after pics emerged of her wearing an AC Milan shirt.

I've had a long-standing rivalry with refs. I'm man enough to admit it's pretty one-sided. I never win against refs. They just keep showing up. I keep seeing TV Teddy dancing around my TV. I keep seeing Doug Shows make terrible calls. I keep seeing John Higgins' stupid hair flopping around big games. I don't know how I can win the fight against bad refs, but I'm going to keep trying. 

That said, I'm a little concerned here for Claudia. Like any good investigative journalist, I went to her Instagram and I noticed a similar trend. Every caption is asking for help deciding what picture was the best. Not great if you're a ref. You have to be confident in your decision making even if you have no idea what a block or charge is in basketball. Even with the help of VAR in soccer, you gotta be able to make a decision. Treat Instagram like VAR. Review the pictures and make your call on the best.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say it's nearly all the captions. Here's proof: 

Make a decision Claudia! I'm trying to help out the referee community here by giving you some benefit of the doubt for content. But you can't keep asking for help. Blow the whistle, make a call.