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The Incredible Fan Support At The Padres' Fan Fest This Weekend Shows You What Happens When You Care About Competing And Try To Win

By the looks of the crowd in San Diego I think it's safe to say Padres fans are PUMPED for the 2023 season. They're over the NLCS loss to the Phillies and are ready to rock. I mean look at the sea of people. It looks like part of a route for a championship parade, not a fanfest event. And that was just one part of it, this was part of the event where people showed up to hear the core 4 for the Padres answer some questions. 

They're going to be good, you guys. Very good. Tatis Jr. hopefully is back and healthy. Xander Bogaerts added into the mix. Oh and they have Manny Machado and Juan Soto. An insane amount of talent in those 4 seats on stage and tons of people came to see them. I mean it's what, 20K people? 30K? These fans are jacked up and rightfully so. But they still have to worry about getting over the Dodgers in the division. 

Look what happens when your team spends and acquires star players, The fans show up. You put in the effort to improve the team and fans will flock there. Other owners should take noted. They are excited and for good reason. They have the talent to win it all. Now they just have to get a certain young guy to stop racing motorcycles and taking steroids. Once they get him locked in they should take off this season. 

PS. The Orioles had their version of "fanfest" this weekend too which included several stops around the city and state with different players. By far the best one was the stop at Checkerspot Brewing where the Orioles young studs were getting AFTER it. 

I'm not going to make a big deal out of Adley Rutschman telling me "this is your town", I won't do it. Just some guys having fun on a Saturday night, what's better than that?